The benefits of using professional role-play actors for your training.

Using Professional Role-Play actors for Training

Organizations all over the globe have been benefitting from working with professional role-play actors to help them develop their teams.

Silvercube role-play and training was established in 2015 and has been helping companies to achieve greater results from their staff training for over seventeen years.

But what is it that a professional role-play actor brings to the training room?

In this blog post we outline some of the many ways in which role-play actors can add value to your training and development programmes.


Professional role play actors are able to portray the emotions that may arise during a challenging work situation. They will be able to remain in character and convey the emotions of that character in a realistic way, whilst maintaining the focus of the role-play. Delegates can concentrate entirely on their own input and the outcome of the conversation.


Playing opposite a confident actor will help the delegates to feel comfortable in the role-play. When delegates role-play with each other it can easily lead to embarrassment and focus can be lost.

Getting to the Heart of the Subject:

Delegates are encouraged to tackle the issues they face on a day-to-day basis. Role-play actors can give guidance on how clearly the message landed.


Actors are fantastic at improvising and staying in the moment. They will be able to create realistic and thought-provoking reactions for the delegate to respond to and for other delegates to consider and learn from.


Feedback plays a massive part in this type of training. Professional role-play actors will be experienced in giving objective feedback. This is often both emotional and technical. They can discuss how their character felt at key-moments in the conversation whilst also discussing specific techniques which were deployed during the role play. Such detailed feedback will have a monumental effect on the professional development of the delegates.


Whilst some delegates will be anxious to participate in role-play they are highly likely to leave the session feeling motivated and empowered. This type of investment in your employees can make them feel valued and recognised.

If you are interested in learning more about how professional role-play actors can benefit your organization contact us here.

Using Professional Role-Play Actors



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